Thread: Trying to create valid home-made C++ functions.

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    Trying to create valid home-made C++ functions.

    I included a .zip file in this post. The zip file contains one source code and one header file. No executables, because I know how must of you guys are scared to run those.

    Anyways, in the header file I created a class with an operator overloader using the macro <<(the same macro used for cout). I put it to good use in the main source code.

    I cheated a little in the operator<<. Inside I used printf(). In iostream there is no printf() to display text/numbers onto the console/screen.

    For all you veterans out there. Have any tips, suggestions or ideas to improve my home-made functions?

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    small example of how this can be done properly
    using namespace std;
    class Point
         int x;
         int y;
         Point(int X,int Y) : x(X),y(Y) {}
         friend ostream& operator << (ostream&,const Point&);
    ostream& operator << (ostream& os,const Point& p)
        os<<"( "<< p.x << "," << p.y << " )";
        return os; // enables cascading as above
    int main()
        Point p(10,20);
        return 0;
    This is the way usually taught in books. When you have digested this then read this to see an even better way of doing it.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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