Thread: hehe, i ask lotsa questions: making sure no spaces exist

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    hehe, i ask lotsa questions: making sure no spaces exist

    char[20] pname;
    cin >> pname;
    now, how can i get it to make sure that they havent entered any spaces so the program doesnt crash down? htanx again everyone for answering all my questions!
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    cin is delimited by white space, so if the user does enter a space then cin will read up to it, but not include it. If you want to read the spaces as well then you need to use getline:

    char pname[20];
    cin.getline ( pname, 20 );

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    Be aware that funny things can happen when you mix calls to istream::operator >>()and istream::getline(). getline extracts the delim char from the stream whereas operator >> leaves the delim in the stream and disregards it next read. So if you do this for instance....
    int a;
    char b[20]
    It will appear that the getline has been skipped but in actual fact all that happened was getline found the delim char left by operator >> and took that as its input. This is easy to fix...
    int a;
    char b[20]
    cin.ignore(80,'\n'); // ignore up to 80 chars or a newline whichever comes first
    cin.getline(b,20); // will now work ok
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    As Stoned_Coder said...
    The best way is to use ignore(), I had this problem once, and the best way is to use ignore();

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    cin is a predefined instance of the istream class. As such it has a number of member functions and overloaded operators, two of which are >> and getline()---there are others like get(), ignore(), good(), bad(), fail(), clear(), etc.. A good textbook, or a decent compiler help section can help you learn about them. The most commonly used ones and the problems/quirks associated with them have been described already.

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