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    i need a project

    i have a 1000 page introduction to c++ thing and ive read over 600, done classes, starting polymorphism, all the loops, varialbles, functions, everything and i cant think of anything to make, so got any ideas for a program i should create (as a console application, im just learning the language first ).. thanx
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    >so got any ideas for a program i should create
    How about a string class? It can be very simple or very complex depending on your experience with C++ and is quite a learning experience if you've never done it before. Especially if you try to keep it ISO conforming (bad idea if you're new to the language though).

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    Well how abt projects such as games.. I am presently doin a chess game for my college project..

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    I seriously think that there should be a sticky thread at the top of the C++ forum with a huge list of project ideas for beginners.

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    SO DO I!!! Anyways you could make a Rubix program..... its quite hard

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    Originally posted by face_master
    I seriously think that there should be a sticky thread at the top of the C++ forum with a huge list of project ideas for beginners.
    Yeah, either that or people could just search the board for all of the program ideas we've already posted.

    Anyway, here's a regurgitation of ideas I've suggested in the past. You can make them as simple or complex as you want depending on your level or expertise.

    Cryptography, write a cipher or cipher-breaker
    Mastermind(this is a pretty easy one)
    Calculator(very useful, as it can be used in other programs)
    and the one idea you can always fall back on . . .

    *drum roll*

    CARD GAMES! That's right. Any card game you can think of can be coded out for your enjoyment.

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    An address book? If you know Ruby you can see an example I made on my site.

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