Thread: Compiling speed

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    Compiling speed

    do c++ programs take longer to compile than equivalent programs writen in c ? (non OOP of course).
    or is it just me, caught in a strange time warp

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    As far as i know, you must really have a huge source for
    it to noticable compile slower a 100 program compiles just as
    fast as a 1000 line program

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    C++ does shift a lot of work on the compiler......especially with templates........but unless you are compiling a massive program then it shouldnt cause too much hassle IMO

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    >do c++ programs take longer to compile than equivalent programs writen in c ?
    Yes. Of course most compilers are smart enough not to recompile from scratch every time so that speeds things up considerably. Though C++ compilation is noticeably slower than C even with the most current of compilers.

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    Anyone ever try to compile KDE from source? It's definetely not a quick experience.
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    Well remember that you aren't just using the compiler there. KDE would make use of a parser-generator, lots of linking and relinking, et cetera.

    And I think XFree86 takes even longer than KDE, but that might just be my impression because the XF86 codebase has to be edited manually to make it compatible with bison 1.75.

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