Thread: semicolon usage?

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    Question semicolon usage?

    I was woundering since my last thread, is there any exception to the semicolon at the end of every line except for when you define a function and when you start and end that function with the { } marks?

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    It isn't that I think of it as a rule. It is because I just came from using Ruby and I am not use to the semicolon at the end of the line thing.

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    Re: semicolon usage?

    is there any exception to the semicolon at the end of every line
    1. Semi-colon is not placed at the end of line, but at the end of statement. So one line can contain many statements.
    2. When you define a function body likes int foo() { stuff }.. you must not put semi-colon after (). But when you declare prototypes, you need it at the end of prototypes.
    3. When you initialize array, define enum, class and so on with { at beginning, you need semi-colon after }.
    4. This may not cover all usage of semi-colon, just remember in C semi-colon is as a terminator. Some language likes pascal semi-colon is as a separator.
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    some other "rules":

    don't use semicolons after conditional statements:

    while(infile >> num);//wrong;

    do use semicolons after declarations of types whether typedefs, structs, classes, functions.

    Basically, no single rule, but you learn the syntax reasonably fast.

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