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    quick question

    I want to have an array that holds the number of enemies in the game. Except I have no idea what the user is going to choose for that number..........I need this array to be global however beause it is needed over many could I go about doing this??
    I am lost

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    Sounds like you need dynamic memory not a global. You cannot make an array if you do not know its size as a compile time constant without dynamic memory.
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    Simply because the variable is dynamic does not mean that it cannot be global.

    Look up in your C++ book the 'new' keyword. Also, you should consider not making the variable global. This goes against the OO ideals and is simply bad style.

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    This is how you code your requirement

    #include <iostream>

    int *ptr_to_no_of_enemies = 0;

    int main()
    int no_of_enemies = 0;
    std::cout << "Enter the number of enemies : ";
    std::cin >> no_of_enemies;

    ptr_to_no_of_enemies = new int[no_of_enemies];
    /* you are dynamically creating an array and passing the starting
    address to a pointer which is global. Using this pointer, you
    can work with the contents of the array

    // call all your functions out here.. and get your job done

    please ensure that you free the memory allocated to create the
    array dymanically
    delete [] ptr_to_no_of_enemies;
    return 0;

    PS: As mentioned by others, its preferable you don't create a global variable and allow that variable to point to a dynamically allocated array
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    shiv_tech_quest for the example...............I wouldn't use global variables if I knew of another way to do it
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