Thread: array function(a tiny problem)

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    array function(a tiny problem)

    i'm having trouble getting the right output: it should be 3LU$CH


    void main()
    int index(char *,char);
    char line[30]="LUNCH";

    cout<<index(line, 'N')<<" "<<line<<endl;

    this function will replace the 1st occurance of ch by a dollar sign and return teh posiiton where the occurrence is found. It returns a zero value if ch is not found.

    int index(char*s, char ch)
    ******this is the part that needs to be done. I used the strncat function but it didnt work******
    please provide some guidance and i'd b xtreemly grateful to you.thanx.

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    1. Use the strchr function to find a char in a string.

    2. main returns an int
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