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    i have to read the following input from a file and store this data in arrays.e.g i have to store 0 and 1 in the array named alphabet.the states q0 and q1 and q2 and q3 in another array.
    so ne1 having ne idea?

    ALPHABET: 0, 1;
    STATES: q0, q1, q2, q3, q4 ;
    INITIAL: q0;
    FINAL: q4;
    (q0,0)=q1, (q0,1)=q2,
    (q1,0)=q3, (q1,1)=q4,
    (q2,0)=q3, (q2,1)=q3,
    (q3,0)=q1, (q3,1)=q4,
    (q4,0)=q4, (q4,1)=q4 ;

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