Thread: Ideas for FINAL program?

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    Ideas for FINAL program?

    We have 1 1/2 weeks to make up our own program in my intro to c++ class. We have to make a program that incorporates stuff we have learned throughout the semester. stuff such as :

    For loops

    what type of program ideas can i make? (i am a total n00b, i have a D+ in the class) Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ideas for FINAL program?

    Originally posted by ray
    For loops
    Make a quick database program. Ask the user for some data (even better, read it in from a file if you've covered that), put it somewhere in your array of structs, then be able to go back and retrieve the data. I'm just not sure where to fit buckets into all of this.
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    perhaps he means buckets as in hash tables
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    Make a simple text based adventure game! Thats what i did and i dont even know buckets! What are they anyways?

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    I just finished up my final project for my first C++ class. I did a cryptography program. Just read in a message, encrypt and decrypt. You could do a simple Caesar cipher or use what I did, a polyalphabetic cipher like the Vinegere (sp?) cipher. Just google cryptography and you'll find some good info to get you on your way.

    You could also do a calculator program. Read in an aritmetic string like 4 + 2 * 3 and output 10.

    Yahtzee would be an easy one I'd think. Just roll five dice and allow the user to place his score wherever he pleases.

    A few students in my class did Mastermind. That's when the user tries to guess a four digit number. After every guess, the program tells the user how many numbers are in the right place and how many are right, but in the wrong place.

    And then there's always the option of coding a card game. Any ol' card game there is.

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