Thread: Parsing the Windows BMP format ???

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    Unhappy Parsing the Windows BMP format ???

    Hi all,

    I have some serious trouble parsing information from
    a graphics file in windows bmp format (256 colors).
    I have managed to open the file but when i try to read
    any of the data I always get 0.
    If I open the file in binary format in visaual c++ I
    can see that the file is correct and it starts with the
    signature BM.

    As I understand it, the (256 color) bmp consists of the 3 headers structs

    BITMAPFILEHEADER, BITMAPINFOHEADER, RGBQUAD and then the actual picture data.

    I suspect this is were something goes wrong:

    ifstream fIn;

    ...*) &fileHeader, sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER));

    However my struct fileHeader is terrible empty...eventhough the above
    statement should copy sizeof(BITMAPFILEHEADER) bytes to the struct fileHeader...right???

    As I am a bit new to c++ I wonder how the reading should be done
    since the way I do it seems to be wrong.

    Hoping for a bit of help here...

    Best Regards,

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    Are you opening the file in binary mode? If not then do so and try again.
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    Yes, I've opened the file in binary mode.
    The problem is still there...

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    hi again,

    here is the error check when opening the file:"test.bmp", ios::binary);
    if (!fIn.is_open()) {
    cout << "Failed to open the file " << theFileName <<"\r\n";
    return false;

    Wen running the program the error message does not show so the opening should be ok.


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