Thread: HELP!!! Big-O of my anagram program

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    HELP!!! Big-O of my anagram program

    This is probably a very stupid question. I made a working program that reads in a word list and spits out all the anagram classes in the word list in alphabetical order. For example, if the program read in the list:


    the program will output:

    arc car
    dog god
    pots stop tops

    If you're familiar with coding anagram programs, I used two sorts:

    - Quicksort to sort out the individual words. The original and the sorted words are stored in each node of the link list.
    - Mergesort to sort out the linked list.

    My questions are, what would be the Big-O running time of my program if the input word list have N words and L is the maximum length of any word? (would it be NlogN+LlogL since the two sorts have a Big-O of nlogn?)

    Also, what would be the Big-O if the input list contains only two words?

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    I'm not familiar with anagram programming, but it seems that the growth rate would be NlogN. It wouldnt be NlogN + LlogL becuase when you determine the growth rate of a function, you only count the fastest growing term. Growth rate is similar to the degree of a polynomial, the degree just determines how fast the values will grow. Since the polynomial

    x^4 + x^3 + x^2 + x

    has a degree of 4, it follows that the growth rate of a function would be determined by the fastest growing portion of your algorithm.

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    >x^4 + x^3 + x^2 + x

    yes, monomials of higher terms make those of lower terms negligible in their scale, regardless of whether they are exponential or logarithmic...
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