Thread: running programs as "hidden" or in the "background"

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    running programs as "hidden" or in the "background"

    For simple programs that run in the command prompt, is there an easy way of getting it to run "out of the way"? I am trying to make a program that checks if my server for neverwinter nights is running, and if it is not, then start it up.

    The problem is I'm not the only one that uses the computer -- my brother and sister do as well. If I keep it in "windowed" mode they could close it on purpose, accident, just something like that. If it was running in the background it'd be much nicer.

    Is this an easy thing to do or not?

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    if you have a program that runs in the 'promt' then it's a consol application, and by defination it must have the consol up to run.

    If you use a Win API program you can throw it to the task bar, don't know how to do that, but you'll want to ask how to do it in the 'windows programming' section of the forum.

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    Maybe you can fork the process onto a new thread then let main exit and close the command windows when you are given your prompt back ( but i'm not really sure how that new windows command thingie works ).

    I've don't this with java programs.

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    >> I've don't this with java programs.

    Java? And you still havn't been shot by one of my lurking soldiers? Hrm...gotta get onto that one!

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