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    Hi all, is there anyway to make a windows program active so no other program can interfere with it. I need to show a welcome screen for about 5 seconds, and if the user tries to switch to a different program it won't allow them to. The user should be able to switch programs once the welcome screen has finished. Iíve tried using the onhide event but to no avail. Any ideas would be appreciate, thanks.

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    >if the user tries to switch to a different program it won't allow them to

    If your program does this, don't expect people to use it.

    This thread should really be under 'Windows' I think. However:

    You could try intercepting an application deactivation message & re-active your app when it receives one.

    This is a really nasty thing to do however, and I would advise against it. Sounds like marketroids are designing your software.
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    That is not behaviour that should be built into programs to run on a multitasking OS.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Well if i can't fix the application, i need the application to pause some how until the application becomes active again. Therefore, the process which is performing the welcome screen would have to constantly check for an application deactivation event, and resume where it was on an application onactivation event. The welcome process is quite complicated, and i can't see any other way of doing this, other than freezing the app for about 4 seconds until the welcome screen is finished.

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    Ok what about this? I hold the welcome code within a thread, and pause the thread with (suspend). The pause should occur when an ondeactivation event has occurred, and the thread will be re-enabled when the application becomes active again. Would this be a valid approach?

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