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    Good day folks.

    My c++ experience has so far been small console programs. Would like to try to make a gui to my programs, nothing fancy, some button and text boxes for a start. This might be a stupid question but what is the prefered method of making a gui, using a program to drag and drop gui components (like visual basic) or code the gui ? Can anyone recommend a good free online book and/or a decent program for this mission
    btw using WinXP.

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    That depends...

    1) If you whan't to make something QUICK I'll advise you to look at the Borland C++ Builder. It's a bit wierd if you haven't seen anything like it, but sometimes it proves to be the quikest and fastest way to create small app.

    2) If you are planning to create advanced , small sized app you better sit down and start learning WinAPI. I know i'ts hard and long but it's the best way to do it.
    C++ rulez!!!

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