Thread: Problems using Dev-C++

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    Problems using Dev-C++

    I've been looking for an alternative to MS VC++ 6.0, so I was trying to use Dev-C++. I had an older version, so I (stupidly) decided to upgrade...I can't get this version ( to come close to compiling my project. I get 501 errors, most of which are in the standard files that are being #include'd. Many of the errors look like this:

    D:/DEV-CPP/include/c++/bits/char_traits.h:59: parse error before `;' token
    Without looking at all 501 errors, it appears that the vast majority of them are in these standard files (and by "standard" I mean "supplied with the compiler, not my own"). Does anybody have any idea why this would be? Is this a known problem (I couldn't find it on the Dev-C++ help site) or does it result from some mis-checked option somewhere???? Any other ideas?

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    I'm sorry, I can't help you, but if you go to the bloodshed forum, and read and read and read the posts, there's been alot of discussion about this problem. I have, and the day that was release it seemed to wreak all sorts of havoc. I think the problem is when downloaded, the header files don't go into the correct folder. There is alot of information on the bloodshed forum, but you have to sift through alot of other stuff. Good luck.

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    That is probably because it uses mingw 3.2 which is up to the current C++ standard. Since I don't want to go into detail now just add the following line after your includes:

    using namespace std;
    Also remember to include the C++ standard headers:

    #include <iostream> // good!
    #include <iostream.h> // depricated!
    If you are still having troubles then tell me what else is wrong.

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    I have been #include'ing like <iostream>, not with the .h. I will try as soon as I can to try using namespace std, but up to this point I have just been "using" what I needed (e.g. using std::cout, using std:stream). I'll let you know how that works......Thanks for the help.

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    Nope, even with the using namespace std line, I can't get it to work too. I'll go take a look on Dev's forums, thanks. (Or maybe simply get back to good ol' 4.6.9).

    EDIT : Well, here it is :
    The last message did the trick to me.
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    Using Dev-C++ beta under Win XP Pro. That or g++ on Mandrake Linux 9.0 .

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