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    Unhappy Understanding typedef...

    I have an exam on c++ tomorrow, but unfortunately, i lost my only sheet on typedef.

    I am a beginner in C++, and i have just finish studying Array(1 dimension).

    My teacher said that if we have to input name(Which is more than one character)in the array, we should use "typedef", and strcpy or strcmp.

    I think typedef is something like:

    typedef char name[15];
    typedef name namelist[50];
    i don't know what 's that mean at all.
    please help.


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    typedef's are ways we can create aliases. It does not create a new data type however.

    Do you have your text to help you study? Also, look at tutorials on line if you are not sure.
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    Building upon what Mister C said a typedef would work sort of like:

    #define page int

    However it is a bit more structured. The compiler refers to it by the typedef alias rather than the data type that it aliases. However, its use is the same as the data type it aliases. In C, for example:

    struct my_struct {
       int first, second, third;
    struct my_struct whatever;
    But typing struct is no fun so most do this:

    typedef struct my_struct my_struct;
    my_struct whatever;

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