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    generating someting dynamically

    Hi, I have this assignment due monday and i'm really stuck with a couple of things:

    I'm supposed to create a program for a bank. I have to have one base class ACCOUNT and two sub-classes, CHECKING, and SAVINGS. These classes will have virtual functions so that I can dynamically create the object without knowing the type. I can't figure out how to first create an account and then changing that to a checking or a savings. I also can't figure out how to use the virtual functions, since the program would never have to go into those functions that are in the ACCOUNT class. I don't wan't the code to the whole program, but just an exemple of how I can make these objects. If any more info is needed please reply.

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    Just use pointers:

    account * theaccount;
    theaccount = new checking();
    Even though theaccount is an account pointer it can still access functions in the derived class, as long as they also exist in the base class (even abstractly.)

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    Thanks, but I need a way to continue to create these objects in a loop, The program should not know a head of time the number of accounts, but if I create a pointer and then I assign it to a class, if the next account is diffrent then won't the pointer delete the previous pointer and replace it? I need a way to work with one pointer and keep changing it's type some how.

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    If you need only one account at a time, just use the same pointer, deleting the account when you're through with it.

    If you need several accounts at once, make a dynamic array of pointers with new[], then allocate each account individually to whatever you need it to be.

    account **accountarray;
    accountarray = new *accountarray[naccounts]
    //alternate checking and savings accounts
    for (n = 0; n < naccounts; n++)
      if (n%2==0) accountarray[n] = new checking(args);
      else accountarray[n] = new savings(args);

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