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  • cout << "Hello World!";

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  • printf("Hello World!");

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  • system("echo Hello World!");

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  • other

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Thread: Best output method

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    Re: it depends on the program

    Originally posted by NANO
    it depends on the out put that you want to display on the monitor

    I often use , cout:

    but in some cases I use system (" echo string-out-put"); When I need to show some chioces that the user should read before he typed in his chioce.
    /me winces


    one should never use system ("echo ...") for output of any kind.
    hello, internet!

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    I agree with moi's statement about using printf for heavily formatted output. cout is capable of doing the same type of formatting but I prefer printf since it is much cleaner looking and takes less time to write. I don't like using system("echo ...") for numerous reasons. It takes longer than using puts(). It also requires me to type more letters. It is ugly. Using printf, cout, fprintf, write or fwrite are all much more standard.

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