Thread: Creating real applications?

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    Question Creating real applications?


    All the tutorials on this page deals with creating some kind of DOS applications.
    Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to make normal applications (like with forms and buttons and stuff) without some stupid DOS window popping up all the time?
    I've seen some answers on similar questions; most people respond with really dumb, simple answers like 'use win32' or really cryptical answers, which are even worse.
    I'm using a command-line C++ compiler (Borland 5.5). Should I just add some command line arguments or something??


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    How dare you say that command line programs aren't real applications. Use the win api. And for the record that isn't cryptic nor is it dumb.

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    use win32 (duh)
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    Look up a win32 api tutorial,
    no you can't just do command line arguments and make it spit out buttons and in short i think your statement was dumb as opposed to our answers.
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    yeah whatever


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    Petzold's Book

    Get the book "Programming Windows" by Charles Petzold. He assumes that you know C, but nothing about Windows programming. (The older version of the book that I have doesn't use C++ and I assume that the new book hasn't changed that much.)

    Windows programming involves using the functions and structures defined in windows.h (There are lots of them and they are complex.) I was shocked when I looked at Petzolds "Hello Windows" program because it's long (over a page long I think) and I only recognized a couple of functions. My "feel" is that learning Windows programming is 2 to 3 times as hard to learn as C++ console programming. Petzold says it takes six months to learn. I've been fooling around with it a couple of years and I still haven't finished my first "real" program.

    BTW - I agree that console programs aren't "real". Although most of our test programs (used to test our products) here at work are console programs, I'd be really disappointed if I bought a program and it ran in a DOS box!

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    So apache, gcc, and vi aren't real programs?? That's news to me.

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