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    convert float to string

    I have a float variable that i want to get the length of.
    I assume i must convert this to a string first but do not know how to do so. I tried using "sprintf(b,"%f",a)" but it would round off, and i need to preserve the exact length of the string.

    for example:

    float f1;
    f1 = 10.1234;
    char string[10];

    i would need to somehow return that the length of f1 is 7 (assuming decimal is counted).

    so i would need to convert f1 to "10.1234" and then just take the length of that, but f1 could not be converted to "10.1234000"

    thanks for any help.

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    _fvct should take care of what you are looking for. Correct me if i'm wrong but this might help some (at worst)

    /* FCVT.C: This program converts the constant
     * 3.1415926535 to a string and sets the pointer
     * *buffer to point to that string.
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    void main( void )
       int  decimal, sign;
       char *buffer;
       double source = 3.1415926535;
       buffer = _fcvt( source, 7, &decimal, &sign );
       printf( "source: %2.10f   buffer: '%s'   decimal: %d   sign: %d\n",
                source, buffer, decimal, sign );

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    thanks, this is a good idea but it just won't help me for what i need this function to do. the key for me is preserving the length.

    i won't know how long my float var is, lets say it is 3.1415
    and i put in a width of 10 to the fcvt function. well, it is going to
    give me extra characters that i do not need.

    if i have 3.1415, i need to get a string "3.1415" or '31415",
    but not "3.1415000" / "3141500" or "3.142" / "3142"

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    The power of stringstreams...
    #include <iostream>
    #include <sstream>
    int main () 
       using std::stringstream;
       using std::cout;
       double val;
       stringstream ss;
       ss.precision(10); ss << "3.14159";
       ss >> val;
       cout << val*2 << std::endl;
       return 0;
    If you're still running into rounding it's no fault of the stringstream; you're simply seeing the limitiations of a float. Remember, it's only an approximation.

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