Thread: array of structs initialization - PLZ help...

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    Unhappy array of structs initialization - PLZ help...

    I have a struct as a class member, and an array of these structs as another member. I am trying to initialize the array in my class implementation file and it has been a nightmare so far. The weird thing is, that I can initialize an array of structs without a problem in a normal program, but when I try to do it for the class, I don't get a compiler error, but the struct variables remain uninitialized. Here is what I am doing: tictactoe.h:
    class tictactwice : public game {

    static const int ROWS = 4;
    static const int COLUMNS = 4;
    // here is the struct
    struct boardIndex {
    int x;
    int y;
    // here is the array
    struct boardIndex TRANSPOSITION[ROWS][COLUMNS];

    tictactwice( );

    .....bla bla

    And I am initializing it in tictactoe.cxx like this:

    struct tictactwice::boardIndex TRANSPOSITION[tictactwice::ROWS][tictactwice::COLUMNS] = {{{2,3},{0,0},{1,2},{3,1}},

    Making this thing compile gave me nightmares, and right after I got happy I discovered that even though it compiles, the structs inside the array do NOT get initialized. I am clueless at this point - I know that this method would work for simple struct and a simple array, but I guess the belonging to a class part messes it up somehow. I REALLY REALLY appreciate your help!

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    make local struct and init it in your constructor then assign it to your member struct.
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Sounds good, but how?

    I am not sure how to do this, a code example would be wonderful!!!

    I tried making what I thought to be a local struct, but then I get a compiler error when trying to assign a "local" array of this struct to the member array.

    Also, did you mean that I have to initialize the struct in the class constructor? I can't remember if structs can have constructors in c++...I am getting confused with what I read about constructors in c#...

    If you can give me an example of how to do this, it would be great!!

    Thanks so much,

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