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    strlen problem

    i have this lib: #include <cstring.h>

    string message;
    length = strlen(message);
    why wont it work.

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    1) length isn't defined any place.
    2) message doesn't appear to be a valid string.
    3) strlen uses character pointers, and 'message' is a class.*

    *I might be off here, becuase they may have a different version of strlen in C++, but I don't believe so.

    In short, your code is incomplete for me to be sure of exactly where your problem lies, but I believe #2 is your main problem.

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    It won't work because you're using a c-style string function on a C++ string class. Either use char *message or call string::length() to retrieve the length.

    For example...
    string message = "Hello"
    string::size_type length = message.length();


    char *message = "Hello";
    size_t length = strlen(message);

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