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    Microsoft Warning

    I make stupid little programs in Microsoft Visual C++ as I learn C++. I'm a beginner, but I enjoy it. Every time I execute a program I created, a warning pops up saying "Note: The terms of not permit redistribution of executables you create with this product."

    Ok. Fine. I know this (especially after the 1,000th time). Now, can I get rid of this damn message that pops up like a plague? Please, help me swat this mosquito!! Thanks.


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    It's like vVv said, it's because it's not a full version, I think it's a free version(maybe called introductory) that comes with a book or something like that.

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    That is a not a warning that has anything to do with erroneous code it is just saying that you aren't using a licensed compiler, just as everyone else said. The VC++ compiler you want costs around $300 so you may want to use a free compile while you are learning. With that said you can use either borland (not a big fan) or mingw32 (a big fan) or cygwin (I wouldn't suggest this one for you). There are more, but those are the three that I use most.

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    Originally posted by master2000
    no clue
    Very informative!!! I've seen you make other pointless replies like this one in other threads. Read here for information about spam and postcount...

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