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    Varying size classes

    For a project I am involved in, I have a 2D array representing a map. I want to create a class representing a zone on the map. There will be numerous zones on my map that will be different sizes, i.e. varying numbers of map array elements in each zone. What I have in mind is as follows:

    class zone
    int num_of_squares;
    int square_coordinates[num_of_squares][2];
    //array giving map x and y coordinate for each square
    void set_squares(int a);
    void set_coordinates(int i, int pos_x, int pos_y);
    void zone::set_squares(int a)
    num_of_squares = a;
    void zone::set_coordinates(int i, int pos_x, int pos_y)
    square_coordinates[i][0] = pos_x;
    square_coordinates[i][1] = pos_y;
    //here I call zone1.set_squares and zone1.set_coordinates to initialise all class variables
    Is what I have in mind possible? I am getting errors and I think it is to do with the non-constant nature of num_of_squares.

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Use a VECTOR or a Linked List. This gives you an array of varying size throughout the program - When you create an array it can only be of a constant size.
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    It should work if number of_squares is set in the constructor, but I'm not a big fan of doing things this way. Not every compiler will compile this code correctly. You should just do dynamic allocation. You can do something like this in your set_squares function:

    void zone::set_squares(int a)
        //assumes square_coordinates is an **int
        num_of_squares = a;
        square_coordinates = new *int[a];
            square_coordinates[a] = new int[2];
    zone::~zone() {
        for(;num_of_squares--;) {
        delete[] square_coordinates;
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    Excellent!! Thank you. Thought I might need to dynamically allocate but wasn't sure how to implement it.

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