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    I am doing a computer simulation, where I have to simulate cars coming into a car wash. 1 car comes in 4 minutes on an average. On a given day not more that 150 cars come into the wash. How do I simulate this in my program, that is, in a particular minute 1/2/3/4 cars may come in, but the distribution converges to 150 in a way to give an average of around .25 (4 cars in a minute) . Please help.....

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    Are you working on a final project for an OOP C++ class? There are several solutions. I recommend that you push the limit and design the program with respect to independent objects including cars and car washing machine(s). A car enters the car wash at random time. Here is a simple design.

    - Given: simulation lasts 30 days; 1 car enters every 1 minute
    - calculate total cars for 30 interval (Poisson distribution)
    - create a queue with X number of cars. In this case, the queue is of type double (time). Each element is the arrival time of each car.
    - There will be at least four threads.
    1) main thread
    2) arrival time generator thread
    3) car generator thread
    4) car wash thread

    I assure you that if you can implement a design similar to the one above that you will be that much closer to gaining experience for real-world applications.


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    How do i generate the cars

    I want a little help in the randomization process, that is, the process that generates cars randomly. How do i generate the poisson distribution.
    And yes, this is my OOP semester project.

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