Thread: what is copy constructor?

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    what is copy constructor?

    and how can I use it in a program. For example I want to assign two strings with using a class that I made.

    myclass x("string1,string2");

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    Re: ascii

    eh? Okay, I think I understand. Are you asking about constructor overloading?

    class MyClass {
        std::string str1, str2;
        MyClass(std::string str1, std::string str2) {
            this->str1 = str1;
            this->str2 = str2;

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    I think you want to make a constructor that creats an object that is equal to another object, if that's what you want, you should do the following:
    You have to creat a constructor that takes an object of the same class as argument, and make the new object equal to the one given as argument.

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    im pretty sure that's all a copy constructor is, one that needs the copy of one object to instanciate another. That topic should be covered in a C++ book if you have access to one.

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    A copy constructor for a class named myclass would look like the following:

    myclass::myclass(const myclass &mc), m_var1(mc.m_var1), m_var2(mc.m_var2) { /* Other stuff */ };

    myclass x("string1","string2"); is not a copy constructor... it doesn't take an argument of myclass.

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