Thread: Any tool to change c++ code into c code?

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    Any tool to change c++ code into c code?

    Hi sirs

    Does anyone know if there is any tool taht is able to change c++ source code into c code?


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    No, but I'm sure one could be made if there isn't one already (though I really don't see WHY you'd want to do something like that).

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    For TIGCC, the compiler (in c) so you can write assembly for TI calculators. There's one reason, possibly.

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    Originally, C++ began life as a program which translated C++ into C (and it was called cfront).

    You may be able to find it on the web somewhere, and it may work for you providing you don't use some of the newer C++ features (eg. templates)

    The output of cfront is not something you'd normally want to read.
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