Thread: bubble sort in a linked list

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    bubble sort in a linked list

    how can i write a bubble sort function for a linked list can u give me an example??

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    Why would you ever want to use bubble sort? Here's an insertion sort for linked lists, it's not as bad as bubble sort and the algorithm works better for lists.
    LIST *sort(LIST *original){
        LIST listb = {0,0}, *a = original, *b = &listb, *t, *u, *v;
        for (t = a->n; t != NULL; t->n = v->n, v->n = t, t = u)
            for (u = t->n, v = b; v->n && v->n->val < t->val; v = v->n);
        return(*original = listb, original);
    The list is setup like this
    typedef struct list{int val; struct list *n;}LIST;

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