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    Question newbie in c/c++

    Please help me find out if "date" data type is supported in c/c++. I tried to search for it in my books, but couldn't find it.

    If "date" data type is not available in c/c++, is there a way to handle date and how? or what other references I can search to familiarize the language well?

    I'm taking up a course in c/c++ via distance learning. I happen to encounter a "date" data type variable in the sample code of the assignment I'm trying to answer. When I try to compile in Visual C++, it doesn't work. The requirement is to modify the code to include an overloaded constructor in the definition of the class. Thank you for your responses.

    Here is the original code to be modified:


    class directory
    char name[30];
    char address[50];
    char telno[8];
    date installdate;
    char telco[10];
    void define (char *name, char *address, char *telno, char *telco);
    char *get_name();
    char *get_address();
    char *get_telno();
    date get_installdate();
    char *get_telco();

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    Thank you Salem. It did, compile.....

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