Thread: pointer problems

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    pointer problems

    i think i just got pointers down, and i need practice
    does anyone know any pointer problems for me to wrok through?

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    try the tutorials or sample code on the main site.

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    i just finished those, im looking for something a bit more challanging... im really thankful for all of you who helped me out over this first semester ( prelude Stoned Coder , many more, Magos , etc.) i went from having trouble understanding cout, to being good , and understanding the following...

    *functions, and function useage

    *arrays ( all about them)

    *intro to pointers ( some base arithmatic)

    and the general conecpt of pointers. i think this site is a great referance for all levels of programmers, and i would just like to thank the creators and the programmers who spend so much time helping noobies such as myself. thanks again, and heres to!

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