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    Other GOOD FREE compilers

    i have BloodShed Dev C/C++ Compiler and it seems to be changeing the way it acts CONTANTLY
    first it was that it rarely compiled ANYTHING and making up its own errors. the it worked fine, then it kept saying "list box is out of bounds (60)" every 5 minutes, now its taking over 2000 seconds to parse the include files! not to mention its running VERY slowly and it has never done that before!

    i also cant have MSVC++ on my computer due to its gargantuan size.

    now i hear Borland is good, but its a console based compiler. is this true? if it is, then i wont like it. i HATE console programs. i cringe at them...

    as for LCC-Win32, isn;t that just the C language? cuz i program in C++.

    is their any other GOOD FREE C++ compilers out there, that work just as good as MSVC++?
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    I know the free Borland compiler is a command line compiler.

    I suggest you make some space of msvc++, cause I think that's the easiest compiler to use out there.

    I've only used msvc++, dev c++ and g++, but I would probably recommend code warrior, I've heard a lot of good things about cw, but I don't know if it's a gui or not.

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    >>gui or not

    i believe it is, not sure about the free versions, but the kind you have to spend money on would definetly have one.
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    >>i have BloodShed Dev C/C++ Compiler<<

    DevC++ is NOT a compiler it's an ide for MinGW (usually) which is a windows port of gcc. Since it is a 'work in progress' updates will be regular. DevC++5 is currently beta so you should expect some errors and glitches of the kind you are reporting ( ie "list box is out of bounds (60)"). When you get errors like that you should report them to DevC++ bugs so that they can be fixed - assuming you are using devc++5beta.

    Earlier versions of mingw (295.x) compiled quicker. If you can still get the the older devc++4 I think it comes with MinGW 295.3.

    >>as for LCC-Win32, isn;t that just the C language? cuz i program in C++.<<

    It is a C only compiler but has excellent (IMO) help files and is good fun to use.

    As for the bcc5.5 cmd line tools (Borland), it's very good and using it from the command line isn't that difficult. If you prefer you can use an ide with it such as VIDE (which also works well with gcc) or SciTe; the latter is a pretty good general 'everything' editor with syntax highlighting (i'm not sure but I think devc++ may use the scintilla 'editor' for its syntax highlighting?). The command line tools require about 50mb of disk space to install. Don't know how big VIDE is but SciTe is under 1 mb.

    There are other free ide's/editors - I think Hammer(?) posted an excellent link to a page with many listed/reviewed (didn't have SciTe, though) in another thread. Ah! It was Hammer, in this thread here.

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    Like Ken said, Dev-C++ is not a compiler. And mingw is a fine compiler. You need a new ide. I use Dev-C++ 4.9.6 and turned off the class browser. Just find another IDE. There is one called Octopod that is pretty good, BUT I've had trouble with it since it can start eating a lot of system resources.

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    use mingw with a different IDE (or with none at all).
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    Re: Other GOOD FREE compilers

    Originally posted by DarkViper
    i also cant have MSVC++ on my computer due to its gargantuan size.
    buy a bigger drive
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    I hate Dev C, I put in the code and compiled it with the
    Borland one just fine, but with Dev(mingw or whatever) I got approx 40 errors.

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