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    Console to Windows

    We have written a huge (16,000+ lines) character generator, though it is pretty simple. My buddy and I are new to C++. I would like to make it appear in a window instead of a DOS-like console. We use Microsoft Visual 6.

    Is it going to be a nightmare to convert? I guess I'm asking, how hard is it to learn this compared to basic C++?

    Can anyone recommend a free online tutorial source for how to learn enough C++ to make a basic window? Thanks, and all help is appreciated.


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    I assure you Windows programming is easy. There only time you will need to take some time on is major graphics manipulation.

    As for tutorials, read articles at CodeProject and CodeGuru.


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    I'm not finding Windows programming as easy as kuphryn! I've been fooling around with Windows programming for a couple of years and I'm still a novice. I'd say it's at least twice as hard to learn as text-based C++.

    It might not be too hard to port your application, depending on how many Windows features you need. (Changing fonts, selecting text with the mouse, toolbars, etc.)

    If you want a book, Charles Petzold's "Programming Windows" is considered "The Bible" by many programmers. His book assumes that you know C, but nothing about Windows. Petzold says it takes 6 months to learn.

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    Do not let them fool you. C++ was hard, event driven Windows Programming is even more difficult. Depending on your encapsulation, it probably IS a nightmare to port. Maybe it's not. But there is only one way to find it out. Go out and try. It's tough stuff, but like everything else, the more difficult it is to learn, the better you feel once you mastered it

    The book mentioned above, Petzold, is great.

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