Thread: A problem with passing.

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    A problem with passing.

    I have run into a small snag in a blackjack program I'm making. I used to know the answer but a 2 year leave of programming absence has left me bereft of the answer.

    I send a vector to a deal function (whose code I will include below) in the function it appears as though the vetor is properly filled, but upon leaving the function, it erm, loses all of it's new memory except in the first cell. Any ideas

    here's the delenquint function

    void Deck::deal(vector<card> &hand, int num)

    int size = hand.size();
    card hold;

    int s, f;
    for(int i=0; i<num; i++)
    s= rand()%4;
    f= rand()%12+1;

    while(used[s][f] > decknum)
    s= rand()%4;
    f= rand()%12+1;
    hand[i].face = f;
    hand[i].suit = s;
    hold = hand[i];

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    show me how you are passing it in when you call that method

    I don't think there is anything wrong with what you have showed, but I haven't done extensive work with passing vectors by reference (like 4 days worth actually)

    like i said im not too sure what is wrong but no one else has replied. i think the problem could be due to the fact that you are potentially creating new card objects (or deleteing them, depending on the value of num and how many cards you previously had) but you may not be initializing the cards correctly. i.e you didn't provide anything in the constructor for the card class/struct and then when you go to access those cards and blamo it is uninitialized jibberish. if i am way off you can tell me to die.
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    I'm with Shadow12345 on this one. And Bartleby I'm assuming you aren't aware of code tags. Just type [ code] before your code and [/code] after. Unless of course you want to see kermi's code tag reply, in which case you've done the right thing.

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