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    Question ms excel library

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for a library written in C/C++ ANSI that be able to manipulate ms excel spreadsheets, this library would be invoked by TUXEDO services in a Solaris platform. Anyone knows the existence of any library like described above???

    Thanks in advance,

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    You want to manipulate native Excel files on Solaris? What a nasty job you've been given.

    You could try looking at , as a start. Don't know what licensing the source is under, may be GNU.

    Could you not manipulate delimited text files intead? These could be loaded into Excel or any other spreadsheet. (You could then claim the your code manipulates Excel compatible files & your company managers & marketroids would just assume this means Excel files).

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    Yes indeed, we get asked to supply "Excel" format files all the time (we too use a Solaris platform) - what this USUALLY means is that they want a .csv file, or rather a comma delimited file.

    Dead easy to create, just make sure the data your exporting doesn't contain any native commas and unix2dos it once it's generated.
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