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    My friend and I have only had a couple intro to programming classes. In our spare time, we managed to put together a massive (16,000 lines of code, but mostly simple if's and rnd's) character generator program for our role-playing game, though it is not Windows but only console.

    We got the program to be able to create a .txt file and save it, allowing users to print out the info later, which is a REAL accomplishment for us. We have one question: how can we get it to allow the user to enter their own name for the file?

    Here is what we have now:

    // code-on

    ofstream outfile;"filename.txt");

    // code-off

    Is there a limit to filename length, or do we have to determine it? Thank you.

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    You can do something like this...

    Note: You must use

    #include <string>
    using namespace std;

    string szFileName;
    cout << "Please enter a filename: ";
    getline( cin, szFileName );
    ofstream fout( szFilename.c_str() );
    // More usefull stuff
    fout.close( );
    Something like that should work fine.

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