Thread: NEWBIE please help with strcpy..

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    Unhappy NEWBIE please help with strcpy..

    i am simply trying to copy an array into the first element of an array of strings...

    i have, generically...

    char A[100] = " ";
    char *B[100] = {};

    i am trying to copy the full contents of A , into B[0]

    i have tried....
    B[0] = A;
    which doesnt help, just points A to B[0]

    strcpy(B[0], A)
    does not work either. no errors, but get seg fault

    please help!

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    >char *B[100]
    This is an array of pointers, it is not an array of chars. Before you can strcpy() to it, you need to point the pointers somewhere useful.

    As you're just beginning, I'd suggest you do something more like this:
    >char B[10][100];
    which will give you space for 10 strings, each 100 long (including the NULL terminator.
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