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    Hi all.. I'm pretty new to the c++ game and i'm getting a good understanding of it. I need some help though. For one program i'm writing, i need to store and retrieve a set of numbers (used as sales for a given week) and display them through an array. In qbasic which I have been using for a while, there is the simple DATA statement which i could READ at any time in the program. Does c++ have a similar stucture where i can declare data statements in the program and read them into an array? Any help would be appreciated, thanks


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    streams and loops can be used to do what you want, but maybe not in quite the same fashion as with QBasic. Streams have a variety of methods/operators to assist you.

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    ya can we get an example going here perhaps? I'm having the same problem to get data from somewhere for use in calculations and could really use a sample or what i should specifically look up to learn in order to be able to do it.. thanks a bunch

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    how about just a way to intialize the arrays with the variables already in them? is it possible to do that with strings, i know i can do it with numbers already

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    Here's character array initialization.
    int main()
       char *cars[20] = {"Camry", "Sentra", "Cutlass", "Camaro", "Firebird",
       "Mustang", "Corvette","Impala", "LeSabre", "Neon",
       "Viper", "Beetle", "Le Sabre", "Cougar","Thunderbird",
       "Coup de Ville", "Miata", "Taurus", "Jaguar", "Porche"};
       for (i=0; i<20; i++)
          cout << cars[i] << endl;
       return 0;

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