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    Unhappy C++...sequential access data files

    Ummm....can someone help me? ?

    I'm trying to write a program using sequential access data files.....but i can't seem to figure out how to display multiple fields (more than two) in a table......that's the first problem

    The second one is that i can't figure out how to segregate the info in the data file so that the program will display only one line....for example,
    John $30.00 10
    Sam $40.00 5
    Joe $27.00 15 that i could have the program output that "the most money made in one day was Sam on day 5 for the amount of $40.00"

    Thnx in advance

    Yes, i am very new to this.

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    This should let you do what you want. Write the data to the file on one line. Then read it back in. You will need to loop thru the reading the line to find the data you want.

    string name;
    float amount;
    int day;
    fstream myfile("myfile");
    myfile << name << " " << amount << " " << day << endl;
    myfile >> name >> amount >> day;
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