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    Need advice

    I'd like to buy a oop book but Im not sure which one.

    Have searched this site and Amazon and found some possible books :
    - Modern C++ design (scot meyers, andrei alexandrescu)
    - Object oriented analyse and design (Grady Booch)
    - Object oriented programming for c++ (Robet Lafore)

    Any comments on the above books would be greatly appreciated.

    Any books you feel should be added to the above list would be excellent.

    Im not interested in any free online books.

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    I highly recommend Modern C++ design by Andrei Alexandrescu.


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    I actually happen to have the robert lafore object oriented c++ book. Its ok and its pretty huge about 800 pages. also it gives you examples to complete with some having actual answers. Has tons of coding and other junk like charts and stuff. But just in case here check out this url, free books hehehe.
    specificlly check under languages
    C++ Rules!!!!
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise

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    Anyone else ?

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