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    template tutorials

    i have an assigment and i know nothing about templates and what are they used for?do you know any tutorial

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    Why don't you read the tutorials on THIS site.

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    They are used if you want a function or class to work with different types of classes.

    for example if you want to write a function minimum, that you will use for int's , floats, and your own classes such as Height you would have to write one function for each datatype.

    or if you use a template you only need one function

    template < class T >
    T minimum( T x, T y) {
    return (x < y ? x : y);

    so pretty much the name for the type ( in this case T ) is filled in with the type you are calling it with

    so you can call

    int result = minimum( 5, 4);
    or somthing like
    Height one = new Height(5.5);
    Height two = new Height(3.3);
    Height minHeight = minimum(one,two);

    in other words, now the function will work for any type which the < sign is defined.

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