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    Heya everyone it's my first time at programming and can i say that the tutorials are great........ the only thing i have a problem with is compiling. whenever i write a program and click compiler then run its just says program not compiled. i use dev-c++ plz hlp me thanks

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    i try to run my program from dev-c++ but it says :unable to run program file....just tell me once i have written the program give me some simple steps of what to do. click ___ then ____ save it as _____.___ e.t.c

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    Ensure that the file you are trying to open is .CPP or else DEvC++ doesnt see it as a C++ file. You have to then choose 'All files' in the Open file dialog box for C++ files with extensions like .CC or .CCP etc.

    Steps to open and compile a c++ file
    1. File -> Open Project or File
    2. Edit the details you need to
    3. Execute - > Compile
    4. Fix any errors and then simply choose 'Execute' to run the program or 'Continue' to proceed with editing.

    Off course if you have a project you will need all files open (incl .H and .CPP) to edit and compile simultaneously.

    For better assistance check out:
    Help -> Help on Dev-C++
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