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    Loading file


    I was wondering why my code works in some cases and not in others. This code is part of a function call that loads information into a vector, then it goes back to a menu. I'm trying to check to see if the filename entered is valid. If I enter a valid filename the first time around, everything works fine. But if I enter an invalid filename, I'm brought back to the menu, and then when I go into the load function again, even if I enter a valid file name it tells me that it is not valid. I don't understand why...

    Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

    cout << "\n\nPlease enter the name of the file: ";
    cin >> filename;;

    if (!infile)
    cout << "\n\nThat is not a valid file. Please try again.\n\n";
    } // End if

    else if (infile.good())
    while (!infile.eof())
    Puts files in vector
    } // End while


    } // End if

    Menu( );

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    Well, I found it!! My ifstream infile wasn't in the right spot....

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my post though!

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