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    Question more efficient code

    Is it better to use arrays, list, or vector for the below code? It works but I am just not sure of the most efficient way to do it:

    //reverse print out of file read
    #include <iostream> //cout and cin
    #include <string> //used to manipulate strings
    #include <fstream> //used to open files for reading and writing
    #include <vector>
    using namespace std;

    int main()
    vector<string> v;
    ifstream in("vector.txt");
    string line;
    v.push_back(line); //add the line to the end
    //add line numbers
    vector<string>::reverse_iterator v2;
    for (v2 = v.rbegin(); v2 != v.rend(); v2++)
    cout << *v2 << endl;

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    The linked list or the vector in the stl will be good. For speed ups
    on the vector you could pass in the a estimate of the number
    of lines you think your going to read.

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