Thread: conio.h and the gotoxy(int, int) function

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    Question conio.h and the gotoxy(int, int) function

    ok...i am in a c++ programming class in high school we read a borland base c++ programmer book, but we use microsoft visual studio c++ 6.0 pro so there are many incompatibilities. and second of all my teacher is a Visual Basic teacher and knows barely anything about C++. ok enough said. i read about the conio.h header file having the gotoxy(int x, int y). well i try using it in my code but it wont work. microsoft not support it??...please do tell me...thank you for your time.
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    currently no and doubt microsoft ever will (they are trying to get rid of DOS as a matter of fact, or so I believe).
    anyway, there is a similar Windows API function that does the same task in windows.h
    (windows.h is a master header file: that it includes other sub headers; just like iostream.h does)
    at least there is something in common between VB and VC++: API calls.
    if not, Borland Turbo C++ is free and so are other dos compilers out there. simply download a copy for your home pc and play around.

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    try using "conio.c" instead of "conio.h" thats what i use and it gives me no problems

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    Read the FAQ, especially point 12.

    Use the function given to simulate gotoxy as VC does not support it.

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