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    Hello, I am an inexperienced GUI programmer. I am currently beggining a GUI using C++. I prefer C++ but, I am beggining to learn Java. Many people currently have told me that I should use a GUI Kit. Unfortuanatly I cannot find a free GUI Kit for Windows. I know of them for Linux/Unix but, I don't use that OS. So this is what I need help on:

    1) Finding a tuturial that teaches how to make a GUI(Graphical User Interface) using C++ (not Visual C++) on the Windows platform.

    2) A free GUI Kit for Windows using C++ (again, not Visual C++).

    These things would be greatly helpful. I also am beggining Java, so if there are tuturials on Java and programming GUI's using Java that would be helpful to. Thankyou everyone :-)

    You can e-mail me these things at [email protected]

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    i would say this is probably the best place to ask and look.

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