Thread: Why does my variable keep changing to -858993460?

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    Why does my variable keep changing to -858993460?

    I am trying to simulate a elevator program and i have 2 classes, 1 elevator class and 1 scheduler class. Strange thing is when i run my prog, the variable for "current floor" which i stored in elevator class is always reset to -858993460 even though i reset it using a function to 0. Declaring it as static either doesn't seem to work or i do not really know how to declare it. Can someone pls help me?

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdlib.h> //for the rand and srand function
    #include <time.h> //for the time function
    #include <conio.h> //for the getche in the pause

    class Elevator{
    void up(); //move up function
    void down(); //move down function
    int getfloor(); //get current floor status
    void setfloor(int floor); //sets the floor
    void open(); //checks and opens the door function
    void close(); //checks and closes the door function
    int getdoor(); //get current door status
    void setdoor(int door); //sets the foor status
    void bell(); //mux i say more?
    void reset(); //reset button to reset elevator
    int door;
    int floor;
    int pause(void); //pause function
    int cfloor; //current floor
    int cdoor; //current door status



    #include "elevator.h"

    void Elevator::reset(){ //resets it to 1st floor and closes the door
    setdoor(0); //sets to close
    setfloor(0); //sets to 1st floor
    cout<<"Elevator::reset->Resetting elevator\n";
    cout<<"Elevator::reset->Current floor of elevator is "<<getfloor()<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::reset->Current door of elevator is "<<getdoor()<<endl;


    void Elevator::up(){ //going up
    cout<<"Elevator::up->cfloor value is "<<cfloor<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::up->This msg only happens when cfloor is 0 or elevator is on 1st floor"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::up->Current floor is 1st floor\n";
    if(cdoor==0){ //sets this condition becoz of the reset
    cout<<"Elevator::up->This msg shows up when cdoor is 0 and its gonna invoke the open()"<<endl;
    open(); //door may be close on 1st floor due to reset
    close(); //closes the door
    setfloor(1); //sets floor to 2nd floor
    cout<<"Elevator::up->This shows when setfloor(1) is used"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::up->Current floor is "<<getfloor()<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::up->Second floor reached\n";
    open(); //opens the door
    bell(); //sounds the bell and light

    else {
    cout<<"Elevator::up->This msg shows up when cfloor is 1 which means elevator is on 2d floor"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::up->Current floor is 2nd floor, we are at the top!\n";

    void Elevator::down(){ //going down
    cout<<"Elevator::down->cfloor value is "<<cfloor<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::down->This msg only happens when cfloor is 1 or elevator is on 2nd floor"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::down->Current floor is 2nd floor\n";
    cout<<&quot;Elevator::down->First floor reached\n";

    else {
    cout<<"Elevator::down->This msg only happens when cfloor is 0 or elevator is on 1st floor"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::down->Current floor is 1st floor, we are at the bottom!!!!\n";

    int Elevator::getfloor(){ //get current floor
    cout<<"Elevator::getfloor->Currentfloor is "<<cfloor<<endl;
    return cfloor;

    void Elevator::setfloor(int floor){ //sets the floor
    cfloor = floor;
    cout<<"Elevator::setfloor->cfloor is "<<cfloor<<" floor is "<<floor<<endl;


    void Elevator::open(){ //opens door

    cout<<"Elevator::open->Open invoked"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::open->cdoor value is "<<cdoor<<endl;
    if(cdoor==0){ //checks condition
    cout<<"Elevator::open->If this msg shows, means its running under cdoor is 0 condition"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::open->Currently door is closed so we open it\n";
    cout<<"Door opened\n";
    else {
    cout<<"Elevator::open->If this msg shows, means its running under cdoor is 1 condition"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::open->Currently door is opened so we can't open it again!\n";

    void Elevator::close(){ //closes door
    cout<<"Elevator::close->Closing invoked"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::close->cdoor value is "<<getdoor()<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::close->If this msg shows, means its running under cdoor is 1 condition"<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::close->Currently door is opened so we close it\n";
    cout<<"Elevator::close->Door closed\n";
    else {
    cout<<"Elevator::close->This msg shows that cfloor is 0 and door is closed."<<endl;
    cout<<"Elevator::close->Currently door is closed so we can't close it again!\n";

    int Elevator::getdoor(){ //gets door status
    return cdoor;

    void Elevator::setdoor(int door){ //sets door status
    cdoor = door;
    cout<<"Elevator::setdoor->cdoor is "<<cdoor<<" door is "<<door<<endl;


    void Elevator::bell(){ //bell and light

    int Elevator::pause(void){

    getche(); //this is to wait for a key to be pressed
    return 0;

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include "elevator.h"
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <time.h>

    class random1 : public Elevator{ //inherit elevator class to use its functions like elevator::up()...
    int showtme();
    int ctme();
    int cact();
    void reset();
    void rnd(int a);
    void tme(int rnum);
    void checker(int perlvl, int elelvl);
    void act(int state);

    int curtime;
    int rnum;
    int state;
    int perlvl;
    int elelvl;


    #include "random1.h"

    int random1::showtme(){
    return rnum;}

    void random1::rnd(int a){
    rnum = rand()%a;
    cout<<"Random::rnd->rnum is "<<rnum<<endl;


    void random1::reset(){

    void random1::tme(int rnum){
    cout<<"Random::tme->Current Time is"<<curtime<<endl;
    //return 0;

    int random1::ctme(){
    return curtime;}

    void random1::checker(int perlvl, int elelvl){
    if(perlvl==0 && elelvl==1){
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 1->person is on first floor\n";
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 1->elevator is on second floor so we are calling it down\n";
    state = 1;}

    else if (perlvl ==0 && elelvl==0){
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 2->elevator is on first floor\n";
    state = 2;}

    else if (perlvl==1 && elelvl==0){
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 3->person is on second floor\n";
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 3->elevator is on first floor so we are calling it up\n";
    state = 3;}

    else if (perlvl==1 && elelvl==1){
    cout<<"Random::checker->state 4->elevator is on second floor\n";
    state = 4;}


    int random1::cact(){
    cout<<"Random::cact->State is "<<state<<endl;
    return state;

    void random1::act(int state){
    cout<<"Random::act->state is "<<state<<endl;
    case 1: Elevator::down();
    case 2: Elevator::up();
    case 3: Elevator::up();
    case 4: Elevator::down();

    int main(){
    Elevator e; //creates elevator object
    random1 o;
    srand(time(NULL)); // seeds the random number generator with time

    int r;
    int i;
    int l;
    int perlvl, elelvl;

    cout<<"Main->Initiating Reset\n";
    e.reset(); //resets the elevator

    r = o.showtme(); //this gets the value of rnum from random1 class
    i = o.ctme();
    cout<<"Main->i value is "<<i<<endl;
    o.rnd(2); // used to generate a number of 0 or 1 which is to determine the lvl person is on
    perlvl = o.showtme();
    cout<<"Main->Person lvl is "<<perlvl<<endl;

    elelvl = e.getfloor();
    cout<<"Main->Elelvl is "<<elelvl<<endl;
    o.checker(perlvl, elelvl); //checks condition
    o.act(l); //action to perform on each condition
    cout<<"Main->value of rnum is"<<r<<endl;

    return 0;

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    Add a constructor to initialize your data members:
    Elevator::Elevator() : door(0),
     // and
    random1::random1() : curtime(0), 
    Also, keep your data members in the Elevator class private:
    int door; 
    int floor; 
    int cfloor; //current floor 
    int cdoor; //current door status
    Because the data was never set unless you specifically called a reset function, it was not always initialized properly prior to access. This should cear it up for you.

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