Thread: Make file?

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    Make file?

    main.cpp and node.class

    i want make them together using makefile is ther any one who knows it ?#
    ObjectPath = ./lib/

    # Header files
    IncludeFiles = ./include/*.h

    # Source Files
    SourceFiles = ./src/

    Project : s.class/
    /*i am not sure about above 2lines!*/

    Rebuild : Clean Project

    PSMain : $(IncludeFiles) $(SourceFiles)y6.cpp
    g++ -Wall -g -I$(IncludePath) -o $(OutputFile) $(ObjectPath)*.o $(SourceFiles)y6.cpp -lm
    Clean :
    rm $(ObjectFiles)
    rm $(OutputFile)

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    there are several different makefiles, like imake, gnu make, and microsoft make, for instance. which are you trying to make? (no pun intended)

    if it's gnu, just download a program and copy its makefile.

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