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    ok i have a struct within a struct and am using linked lists,


    struct subject
    char onesubject [MAXNAME];
    int num;

    struct Result
    long id;
    subject students [MAXSUBJECTS];

    do i use two pointers?
    if so could you show me an example of how i could access data members of another struct within a struct.

    Another question, what could i use to detect say ,J1234 detect the 1st number within the an array that contains those types of subject codes?

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    Well, let's see:

    Say you have-

    Result r;

    So the first first student would be:


    and the first charachter of the subject of the first student would be:


    Searching for the first digit of a subject would require a loop:

    int i = 0;
    const char* subject = r.students[0].onesubject;
    const int length = strlen(subject);

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