Thread: Class destructor and throw

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    Class destructor and throw

    I have a small snippet of code I am using for a test purpose.

        CSomeClass Test;
        // output some stuff here
        throw "error";
        return 1;
    catch(char * error)
        // explain error
    return 0;
    While running some tests I noticed that my class's destructor is being called before the //output some stuff here is even being executed and is NOT being called at the end of the application, is this normal in a try/catch situation?

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    before the output some stuff here? I can imagine it happening before the catch because it's out of scope but not before the output some stuff here
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    Are you sure you didn't mix up the Constructor and the Destructor .

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    i assume you're printing informative messages to stdout and or stderr, are you remembering to flush them both?
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    any objects local to the function will have their destructors called as soon as the throw statement executes.This is normal behaviour for a throw. The c++ standard garantees that local objects get their destructor called in event of an exception.
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