Thread: Emptying Values

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    Emptying Values

    how do you make an integer worth nothing? Would you use empty[x]? I haven't tried that yet. And I am assuming you empty an apstring by doing:
    x = "";
    Quick answers would be appreciated.

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    Make it equal to 0?

    int i = 200;

    // ...

    i = 0;

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    This empties the interger t, with error checking to make sure it really is emptied.
    Only works on x86 compatible processors though.
        int t;
         mov cx, 0x003f
           mov t,0
           cmp t,0
           je exception
         loop cpuflag
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    As long as a variable "exists" and as long as it is in scope, it has to have some value. It can contain zero, but I wouldn't call a numerical variable "empty". Variables "point to" physical memory (probably a bad choice of words because we're not talking about pointers.) That physical memory has some binary number in it... maybe zero!

    C++ finds the end of a string by looking for the first NULL (zero). So a string that starts with NULL (often expressed as '\0') will be treated as "empty" and will have a length of zero.

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